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Microsoft Teams PowerShell and token-based auth

Early in May, a new entry was added to the Official Docs article for the Microsoft Teams PowerShell module Release notes, we could read:

Public IP address is in use by ipconfig and cannot be updated from static to dynamic.

Hello, maybe my first blog post specifically about Azure, do not know if this is the best way to fix this error however I couldn't find many results on Internet. Somehow, do not know how, an IP Address associated to one of my Virtual Machines in Azure was configured as static (I do not remember doing that, maybe when I was playing with the DNS name associated I made the mistake), so when I tried to change it back to dynamic I received:

HAFNIUM Exchange Server exploits - Resources

Some days had passed since the public Microsoft announcement about this HAFNIUM exploit and as I have been asked to step to help several customers I would like to list all the resources I used to work on this matter, I will try to update this list with new content as it is being generated.