Using Conditional Access Policies with Microsoft Teams Rooms devices - Part 1

Published on Thursday, November 24, 2022


Upon customer request, I needed to investigate how to restrict the resource account used by a Microsoft Teams Rooms device, the goal was to prevent this account from logging in from other devices than the MTR device, I think that is not so crazy request, right?

In this blog post, that I hope it becomes a blog series, I want to share my findings about this, and also thank Randy Chapman, Linus Cansby, Graham Walsh for providing some more information.

What are our options?

According to Microsoft, Filter for devices, which is a Conditional Access Policy condition, is supported in Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android and on Windows. See here Supported Conditional Access and Intune device compliance policies for Microsoft Teams Rooms and Teams Android Devices

However, we also found this statement

You can't use a resource account to apply device-level conditional access policies in Azure Active Directory and Endpoint Manager as device info is not passed when using this grant type.

Authentication in Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

So if we read both those pages, it is a little contradictory, right? Is it or is it not supported to use filter for devices?

So, upon testing, I found out that Microsoft Teams Rooms devices based on windows do not send the device information on the sign-in event of the Microsoft Resource Account (Room Mailbox), see here an example:

TMR Windows Sign In event

Decided to give it a try Azure AD Registering the device, also with no luck. Then, I received confirmation from Microsoft that the device needs to be AADJ (Azure AD Joined/Enrolled) to send this information, I still could verify this but I hope I can do it for my 2nd blog post of these series.

So, that leaves me with the MTRoA devices, the idea, was to create a Conditional Access Policy like this:

The Conditional Access Policy

The policy should be read like this: Block resource account from logging in from any device but the ones that match the condition of deviceId

As said, this unfortunately din’t work with a MTRoW, as-is or Azure AD Registered, but what about Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android?

These devices showed as Azure AD Registered by default and upon testing, they send the device information upon sign-in.

TMR Android Sign In event

So, we could use CAPs with Android-based MTR devices without any other intervention (like AADJ/Enrolling, see Enrolling Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows devices with Microsoft Endpoint Manager) in case you can't use Endpoint Manager/Intune for any reason.

The end?

Hope these findings are useful and saves time for someone, as this took me a good couple of days to find out and test.

I expect to continue sharing my findings with the community in a 2nd part of this blog post.

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