About Me

Hi, My name is Andrés Gorzelany and I am a Computer Science Engineering. S4B Architect since 2007, then, Teams, Sharepoint, Project Server, Exchange, Office 365/Microsoft 365 and many more (BSD,Linux). Hobby Coder (P#,Java,dotnetcore). I was awarded Microsoft MVP in 2022 for Office Apps & Services. I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and recently relocated to Costa Rica, and I also hold polish citizenship because of my grandparents.

I work as a freelancer and currently these are my main projects

  • docs.microsoft.com Technical Writer: I update documentation for PowerShell modules of Skype For Business, Teams, Exchange Server, Microsoft Teams and Office 365/Microsoft 365, I also review submitted pull requests.

  • Principal Consultant for Summitize, a german-based company: Migrated SfB on-premises to SfB Online, Exchange and also SharePoint.

  • Principal Consultant for SnoopCore, joint effort with another consultant and friend called Dario Woitasen.

Here is my UpWork profile in case you want to hire me.