Useful community tools to administer Microsoft 365

Published on Monday, June 28, 2021

This post is intended to list all the sites/tools I use to administer Microsoft 365. I hope you find them useful:

  • MSPortals by Adam Fowler, it's a great site that summarizes all the different official portals created by Microsoft to administer all the Microsoft 365 solutions, it even has a search function.
  • ChangeWindows, a very complete site that keeps track of all the releases of Windows.
  • What is my Tenant ID?, actually, a Microsoft Partner is behind this site, it is very useful to find your (or others) tenant ID.
  • M365 Maps, a very useful site to understand what is really included in each Microsoft 365 license offering.
  • MSShells, this site belongs to me and as I open-sourced it, it receives contributions from the community, keeps tracks of the different versions of the official modules to administer Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Bonus Track:

Not really community tools as they are provided by Microsoft or Microsoft employees, however, they are useful and not so well documented:

  • ATP Safe Links decoder every link that goes thru ATP is rewritten and encoded so it can be analyzed before the user is presented with the destination and real website, this handy tool can decode the ATP link so we can see the real website behind it.
  • Message Header Analyzer This is very useful for EXO administrators, essentially, paste the mail message header of a Microsoft 365 e-mail, and this tool will present it in a much more friendly way the information contained in it.

Do you have other that isn't listed here? Share it with me please. Thank you!

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