MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams exam Study Guide

Published on Friday, December 13, 2019


I have just came back from the Test Center where I took the MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams (beta) exam, I still do not if I passed it (EDIT: I passed!), because, if you have taken beta exams before you might know that, results are given to you once it becomes official.

Besides that, I would like to emphasize on what you should focus if you want to take this exam:

  • All types of policies of Teams, Team Policies, App Setup policies, Messaging policies, Meeting policies, Calling policy and Live Events policies
  • Org-Wide Settings versus specific settings/policies
  • Analytics & Reports / Call Quality Dashboard / Network Planner
  • Guest access
  • Coexistence mode with SfB, Teams Upgrade
  • Retention policies
  • Meeting settings

To be honest, I expected way more questions about telephony but only a couple, maybe an specific exam about Phone System/Telephony is coming soon.

The format is the usual Microsoft has us used to, questions where we can not go back, scenario questions and classic questions where we can go back, I left some feedback on some questions where I thought that some information was missing to be able to give an answer, this might be expected on a beta exam ;)

Study Resources

Hope this quick guide helps anyone that will give a shot to this beta exam, let me know your thoughts too leaving a message here!

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