Powershell Script to CSV all AD Permissions for a particular Receive Connector

Published on Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Had to do this PS Script for me to troubleshoot a receive connector permissions problem. This will output to a CSV all permissions assigned to a receive connector, please change the $path and $connector variables to suit your needs

$path = "E:\path\dumpRights.csv"
$csv = "user,identity,deny,accessrights,extendedrights`r`n"
$perms=Get-adpermission $connector

foreach($perm in $perms){
    $csv+=$perm.user.RawIdentity+ "," + $perm.identity.ToString() + "," + $perm.deny.IsPresent + "," + $perm.accessrights + "," + $perm.extendedrights
    $csv +="`n"

$fso = new-object -comobject scripting.filesystemobject
$file = $fso.CreateTextFile($path,$true)
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